Terms of Membership

  1. Members must be at least 21 years of age to participate and sign for receipt of wine shipment.

  2. Quarterly orders are processed and credit cards charged the first of February, May, August, and November (4 club orders annually).

  3. Pre-notice of club offerings will be emailed to members during the month prior to processing.  Please notify us of additions and or selection changes before the date of processing.  (We are not responsible for spam filters that prevent receipt of our emails.)

  4. Wine selections may not be changed after the order is processed.  

  5. Charges will include tax and shipping when applicable.  

  6. Nicholson Vineyards does not guarantee receipt of wine preferences due to limited production.  We will do our best to accommodate all requests.

  7. Wine may be picked up at the winery or shipped UPS (fees apply).  It is your responsibility to notify us of changes to your shipping address and or credit card information.

  8. Wine cannot be shipped to a P.O. Box.  Business address is preferred.  

  9. Wine will be shipped at member's expense if not picked up within 6 months of order processing.  

  10. Club membership may be cancelled after receipt of 4 club orders (annual allotment).

  11. By signing the application, you approve to have your credit card automatically charged by Nicholson Vineyards on a quarterly basis for the wine club you have selected.  The amount will vary as the wine does.

  12. If you cancel before receipt of four club orders, you will be charged a $25 cancellation fee.